richardson_smThe Israel B. Richardson Civil War Roundtable is a non-profit educational group. Our group started in September 2000, when twelve of us gathered at a couple of tables at Barnes & Noble and decided that we wanted to study more on the American Civil War.

Our members are invited to prepare presentations on a topic of their interest. We also have authors talk on their latest books. Our members range in age from 13 years to “older” and “lots older.”

The level of knowledge ranges from beginners to those with advanced study in specialized areas. Our philosophy is that history is about people and it can be fun as well as serious.

We are involved with the local schools to encourage students to learn and write on the American Civil War. We do this through essay contests and presentations to students in their classrooms.

We have been working towards battlefield preservation through the Civil War Preservation Trust. Working in partnership with CWPT enables a small group of concerned history buffs to have a greater impact. Together, we can help save a piece of American history from becoming a strip mall.

Come join us!


Photo: Israel B. Richardson. Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [LC-B813- 6429C]